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unlocking huawei e220..manually

below is my attempt to unlock a huawei e220 datacard. so please understand, i do not take any responsibility for your actions with this information.

let's get it right, shall we...


1. E220Update_11.
2. QC BQS Analyzer
3. Hex Editor
4. E220 SimLock_UnLock.exe
5. E220 DataCard in your USB port

the work

run the E220 Firmware Update Wizard until datacard is detected and cancel it. your e220 will be detected more easily by QC BQS Analyzer.

run QC BQS Analyzer, choose 'Communication' - 'Use Com/USB Port'. a 'QC Com Diag Window' will appear. test your connection.

1. set your Serial Com Port (3G PC UI Interface, not the other one)
2. click 'Send Cmd'

you'll get 'Successfully send command.' and output similiar to the textbox. If you got no response at all (no output or 'CommError'), you have to restart the process.

set 'Read EFS' from Standard Mode dropdown menu, click 'Lets go'. name the file (efs.bin), save it.

open saved file with hex editor, search for following hex-chain: 53-64-2C-00, and you should see the unlock code.

run E220 SimLock_UnLock.exe, enter your unlock code.


Hardware & Firmware Version : ^FHVER:,CD33TCPUB"

Tested on : T-Mobile E220, INDOSAT E220

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Anonim mengatakan...

thanks a lot !
worked for me with an SFR E220.

However, the offset was not the same with my firmware 115.

I searched on hex 5364 and found the unlock key (8 numbers).
I used the SFR unlock tool which is probabbly the same as your from here

Great !!

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

you're right. as in remarks, the firmware version is, and the unlock code is located exactly at offset 0x0030169.

Norbert mengatakan...

Ahh, nice. Thanks, it was also good for me, but my unlock code wasnt at the positon what you said... My code was near 0x0001a50-0x0001a60, but I found it when I try to found "53 64"... so it was a great idea :)

Anonim mengatakan...

Any solution for e172 model?

Jorge mengatakan...

This site is down. This site is cleared.

Another site to download the program?

Rainer mengatakan...

This page is down and will be hosted on an own domain (because license has changed to Shareware). Does anyone have this qcbqsanalyzer? Please host it and provide the link here

Anonim mengatakan...

Here it is...

Rainer mengatakan...

Thank you so much, Lorier :) Worked for me with an E220 with one Simlock (Austria). Regards, Rainer

Gorka mengatakan...

Thanks, I worked with my Huawei E220

can run for a nokia 6120?

Szabi mengatakan...
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Szabi mengatakan...

Hello! Thamx instrukcions!
It's fantastic!
Hungary, E220 Vodafone --->Prob OK
Magyaroknak üzenem hogy nem volt könnyü de meg lehet oldani! Türelem és idö kell hozzá! Ha valakinek kell instrukcio vagy a progik irjon!

ANEKA SANDAL mengatakan...

Thanks For all the info it work well
with my indosat 3g modem huawei e220
a bit confusing at first but at the end it worked just fine thanks

Alan Lee mengatakan...

Trying out on my E272. The Read EFS is taking a long time. Is this normal?

Norbert mengatakan...


Hungarian Vodafone E220 - OK
Hungarian T-Mobile E220 - ???

Norbert mengatakan...

Hungarian T-Mobile E220 - OK :)

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...


run firmware update wizard until detection screen then cancel, somehow this will make the card to function properly when using with qcbqs.

not all efs gives you visible code, imo. good luck to you.

ViperBJK mengatakan...

QC BQS Analyzer is no more.

Do NOT use QMAT 3.74 from as it is buggy and it was uploaded to rapidshare without permission.

Get new version at


Viper BJK

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

Viper BJK is the author of QMAT (formerly QC BQS).


ViperBJK mengatakan...
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Eric mengatakan...

I lost the old version, QC BQS Analyzer ( Is it possible to get it from another site?


ViperBJK mengatakan...

Hi Eric !

Old version was very buggy so I had to remove it. Use the new version at

If you have any problems / questions regarding it, post to


Viper BJK

IguanaKia mengatakan...

Great stuff.
I've just unlocked my previously locked with MAXIS (Malaysia) Huawei E220. Now, I can choose from different operators (Digi/Celcom Malaysia).

I've unlocked a 2nd units with less than 20mins!!!!

Klaus mengatakan...


Klaus mengatakan...

Doesn't work with E220 modem from 3 Denmark. No 8 number around "53 64" locations - any surgestions?

Timothy M mengatakan...

Thank you for posting this!

I am in the Philippines using the new Globe Prepaid Visibility package.

I followed the above directions (using qmat_382)on my huawei E220 modem and now I can use the Smart SIM cards. Smart is not much better, but at least now I have a choice.

Steve_balloon mengatakan...

I just unlocked "3" in Sweden without problems. Found the code on line 00016994 however.

jaysern mengatakan...

need help i already read in efs.bin but i duno how to read the code any brother can help me ?

jaysern mengatakan...

lepas read i use Hex Editor Neo open the efs.bin then how i can findthe password?

jaysern mengatakan...

after i read from hex editor.. it find some code n i use e220 sim lock unlock n write the code, it write unlock succesful but i stil same only can use 1 sim card mean only can in use in maxis , celcom n digi cant use at all.. any bro can help ? thanks alot

jaysern mengatakan...
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Blog21 mengatakan...

I try to unlocked my E220 from telkomsel Flash by following the step by step and it works well.

xvrsfrnssks thank you so much

eusz mengatakan...

I follow exactly the guide inside this tutorial.

I just want to know what exactly Hex Editor are u using, because i use Hex Editor Neo, and XVI32 to find the 5364 but no luck. This is my efs.bin file, maybe u can help me?

Originally, efs.bin is 32MB, then i compress it -> 172KB. efs.rar

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...


your code should be 20528130 at offset 0x2daf6

zeljko mengatakan...

@ xvrsfrnssks

please can you have a look at my efs...

i just cant find 5364 anywhere

Lutchezar mengatakan...

@ xvrsfrnssks

I also have problems finding the hex sequence - flashed with few versions of firmware - no matching code:(
here is my efs

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

guys, please use firmware version, the code should be very easy to find.

zeljko & lutchezar, please upgrade your firmware.

dhdhsh mengatakan...


I also had no success - please have a look on the 3 screenshots, which I uploaded under / / (efs file under
They show the same hex-code-fragment like xvrsfrnssks's code.png - but I'm not able to find the unlock code. Is there an other way of getting the code (eg different version of QC BQS..)
Thanks for your help and any suggestions!

ViperBJK mengatakan...
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eusz mengatakan...

ok, thanks for reading my efs.

The modem E220 i used is "MAXIS Broadband" locked which already unlocked by your help. Thanks very much.

Now, can i change what is inside the internal memory of the E220, because the installation software inside it is the operators software which not the original software from huawei. Its like only working with "Maxis Broadband" (Malaysia) only.

Is there any source for us to change the installer memory inside it, so that i can use original E220 software installation driver that can be use with any operator.

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

if i'm not mistaken then you should go here,

what you need is UTPSB002D03SP16C03. don't forget to check 'force update' when updating.

dhdhsh mengatakan...

The debug-msg doesn't dissappear (tried it with all the above posted firmwares & by entering wrong keys again without any success).
Do I have to insert the sim (which is not available for now)?

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...


what kind of message does it show when an invalid (other provider) simcard inserted?

also, from your mobile partner (with simcard inserted), tools & diagnostics, please upload the screenshot.


bjk mengatakan...
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Wasantha mengatakan...

Im having a problem finding unlock code.

can anyone find me the unlock code from my EFS file. its uploaded in

I have a Maxiss broadband E220.

please help me, and would be grateful as i need to get this thing unlock asap.


bjk mengatakan...
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dhdhsh mengatakan...

it shows smt. like "wrong or no sim/usim inserted"
I'm not able to get the SIM within the next 2 weeks (borrowed the modem from a friend for using it with a prepaid until I get a dsl-connection)

@Viper BJK:
I uploaded the file to

thank you both for your support!
greetz, dhdhsh

bjk mengatakan...
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dhdhsh mengatakan...

I start loosing the hope to get it finally unlocked...

@Viper: I followed your description & also got the "41 01 A."-respond for "41303030303030" but the NVItems-file only contains "1156 - Inactive Item" (I also tried to scan the range: beginning from 1100 it's always Inactive Item, 1159 says OK with several zeros following, then it always says bad parameter in the file)
Do you know a solution for this? (other FW, other range,..)

bjk mengatakan...
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bjk mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
bjk mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
eusz mengatakan...

ok, i learnt that when we checked "force update" it will update the installer driver inside the internal memory.

I think you should mention it in the tutorial because some of us use the installer that outdated. latest firmware include installer driver up to Winvista64 driver inside it..

Nowadays the huawei site is suprisingly slow, so i just use what ive downloaded:
E220 Client Software HOSTB107D05SP00C03

also works. just dont forget to "force update".

And now i am using unlocked and updated firmware with peace and harmony! Thanks from Malaysia!

Wasantha mengatakan...

@Viper BJK

Can you please help me in getting the unlock code for my E220.

I tried to get it. but failed all arempts.

Have uploaded file to

bjk mengatakan...
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Florian mengatakan...

hey there,

has anyone an idea about the E169? (i don't have one at present but I may receive one in the future...)

Thanks all :)

eusz mengatakan...

Viper BJK method now really easy. Just now i use this and its just straight forward.

Use latest QMAT 3.97, select "Display NVItem", enter "1156" as Item and press "Lets Go".

The right code should be seen inside the box. If u try u will know.

Serasi Borneo mengatakan...

@Viper BJK

Can you please help me in getting the unlock code for my E220.

I tried to get it. but failed all arempts.

Have uploaded file to

Thank you for your help

bjk mengatakan...

Serasi .. please try what eusz said.
It will work normally. If not, see what I wrote before.

I cannot officially support unlocking, sorry.


Viper BJK

Serasi Borneo mengatakan...


Sorry, but i am very newbies to this.

My data card is Huawei E220 from Telkomsel Flash (bundled package)

I think before I've found the unlock code is 9091909 and I unlock it and it said succesfully unlock. After that I update the firmware to Firmware-Update-E220Update_11. and then to E220Update_11. 7.2mbps. Just then when I try to use other SIM card it reject again.

My question:
1.Is it wrong to update the firmware after unlocking or do I have start all over again.
2. Do I have to put the SIM card on the modem along the process?

I upload at

Please help me find the unlock key


xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

serasi, you have an incorrect dump.

btw, long before i had this unlocking method i found that e220 doesn't have a permanent lock. maybe someone could confirm this.

Serasi Borneo mengatakan...

@xvrsfrnssks, @bjk,@ViperBJK

Thanks for your help.

I read and start it all over and I finally done. You guys really rock.

my E220 now work on any operator here.

Serasi Borneo mengatakan...


Your unlocking code : 64400362

Anybody, plz correct me if i'm wrong


Oscar8x mengatakan...
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Oscar8x mengatakan...

I can't save any efs.bin with QMAT. Is it necessary to have QMAT registered?

I tried QMAT 3.77, 3.91, 3.97 and none of them worked. I tried to extract from 0000FFF0 to 0001000 and it created 0Kb file.

Is it normal that time for extracting EFS needs 2 hours to finish?

Oscar8x mengatakan...

Problem solved. That problem is due to I had Vodafone drivers instead of
Huawei official drivers.

I downloaded them from , restart the computer and in 4 minutes extracted the EFS.

Sebastian Lezica mengatakan...

Hi!, excelent post!. I try to follow the method for find the simlock code in another model, the e226 data card. Seeking 8 digits strings, I reduce all to 20 posibilities. Do you have any hint for help me in the search?. From where do you get the hex pattern 64 53...?.

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

hi sebastian,

the pattern could differ in each model. i found out that when seeking the code in older firmware. also i search line by line in hex editor.

UNTARA mengatakan...

xvrsfrnssks, it is work!

I search line by line to find 5364 2C00 and found 17723225.

My firmware version is

Yay!! now I got another option ...

Thanks for the great posting

Vinnie mengatakan...

Hi, can anyone please check my efs.bin? I can't find the 8 digit code. :(

Many thanks!

Vinnie mengatakan...

I use the flash update at the top of the link which is 11.117.10.x,

Maybe the code would be at the correct place if it was 11.117.9.x?

Anyone know where I can downtime the .9 version?

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

hi vinnie,

i had same situation as you are in, i couldn't see the unlock code. but that before i upgraded the firmware to try do so if you haven't.

after successfully unlocking it, you could continue upgrading the dashboard.

this is what you need,

Vinnie mengatakan...

Arrrgh... I tried ViperBJK's method 1 (which didn't work) and then 2 (Write NVitem 1156 to '3030303030303030' and I think my E220 is no longer working. Doesn't detect my sim any more. Any way or recovering?? :(

Vinnie mengatakan...


I did the flash before trying the Write NV Item.

Can't find 53 64 from .9's efs9.bin also. If the code can be found on efs.bin (either from .10 or .9), can I still recovered my Modem using the unlock code??

bjk mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Vinnie mengatakan...


I tried to unlock with '00000000' and it failed. After that, my sim / modem is no longer detected. I can't even connect to it via QMAT + com/usb port to write '00000000000000' to item 1156. HELP!

bjk mengatakan...

So the whole modem doesn't work anymore ?

That is quite strange ...
If all resetting won't work, only jtagging might help.


Viper BJK

bjk mengatakan...

I'm searching for volunteers for further E220 researches...

Please contact me via PM at


Viper BJK

ddluk mengatakan...

Please send me my code:

Vinnie mengatakan...


Where can I find info on jtagging recovery?

Would you be interested in helping me with my unique recovery case?

bjk mengatakan...

For jtag recovery I need a bricked E220 that I can desolder to find JTAG pinouts (normally, phone is dead after that because cpu is often glued).

Or we find a schematic of E220 with the correct JTAG pinouts.


Viper BJK

Vinnie mengatakan...


So in my situation. Is it the modem that is not working or is it the SIM card not working? or both?

Alberto mengatakan...

Thanks a lot for sharing this!
I managed to unlock my E220 without any problems at all.
Vodafone Spain refused to unlock it for me after almost two years of contract. Heh, they said it could not be done. Morons.

vitaminado mengatakan...

HI from Portugal...

I have an e169 model but I can´t find the unlock code..

Can you guys help me??

Kind regards

Here's my link:


Zel mengatakan...

work for me at tsel fl** & Ind*** 3,5g huawei e220. Thanx for sharing. Do you know how to increased internet speed after quota 2Gb ind** 3,5G ??

vitaminado mengatakan...

HI from Portugal...

I have an e169 model but I can´t find the unlock code..

Can you guys help me??

Here's my link:

Or this file:

I hope you can help me because I spent hours in this and I can´t solve this problem

Kind regards

curl66 mengatakan...

Hi from Germany!
thanks for the information!

I own a E220 simlocked with austrian One net. so it doesnt work in germany. I upgraded the version to E220Update_11. . dumped with QMAT 3.99. i found the section with the 1111111 at usual place but no code there around.
any help is welcome. thanks in advance!

bino mengatakan...

Thanks, i'am succes to unlock my e220.
Very best info

nurhandi mengatakan...

Great tutorial, it worked on my e220 telkomsel. Yhanks

Anonim mengatakan...

Thank you. Worked 100% here in Australia with a locked 3 E220 Modem.

[pinguin_meriang] mengatakan...

om xvrsfrnssks trimakasih bgt!!

gw beli unlocked huawei E220 kemarin. tapi pas gw coba2 ga bisa.. sampai akhrinya nemu post sampeyan. maknyus!

uncle xvrsfrnssks thanks a lot!!

i just bought unlocked huawei E220 yesterday. But, it's still locked! until i follow u'r instruction. maknyus pemirsa :D

sorry, if my english is abstruse :)

CV. mengatakan...

Waduh gw harus downgrade firmware dulu dong E220 sekarang E220Update_11.
berarti harus downgrade jadi E220Update_11.
kalau ga downgrade bisa ga ya?

bryant_tan mengatakan...

help me sum1!!! i'l send my efs file if got sum1 that willing to help me on my e220 3g modem!!

DAVID mengatakan...

follow the instruction step by step, enter the code, done.
still cant recognize another operator... default is Telkomsel Flash. I check with DC Unlocker, status is unlock.
Try to unlock again but the code is not there. upgrade/downgrade firmware also not helping.

can anybody help me pls...

thanks b4

Anonim mengatakan...

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Serasi Borneo mengatakan...

Intinya pada versi E220Update_11. proses unlock lebih gampang.

However, it's all at your own risk.


Serasi Borneo mengatakan...


You can try to upload your efs.bin somewhere. Maybe at rapidshare, I'll see if I can help. A good efs.bin exactly at around 30mb.

Serasi Borneo mengatakan...


did you really read the instructions step by step. pls check back. thanks

Mariusz P mengatakan...

It is great! Works with Huawei e220 Era Gsm Poland (also known as BlueConnect) Thanks a lot!

Suryo Agus mengatakan...

thank you bro. It's work at my e220 from Telkomsel

claus57 mengatakan...

I need help, I bought a used spanish e220 Voafone branded. I'm trying to unlock it but all stop immediatly... modem isn't recognised from firmware upgrading program. When I connect modem all seems working, windows sees it and request to start installation of dashboard but after .... nothing. Do I need a vodafone sim to start upgrade firmware?

Serasi Borneo mengatakan...

Can you still seee your E220 when you browse your pc? If it does go to it and double click Autorun and say yes.

It may helps!

claus57 mengatakan...

OK, now my E220 is recognized... that's the way if you haven't a right sim:
-Install the software as requested at first connecction.
-Deconnect and riconnect the box
-KILL the installed connection software from Task Manager.
Now I will try to unlock...

John mengatakan...

someone please safe me !!!
I've trying to find the 8 digits code on my efs.bin for 3 days, but I found nothing. Please tell me my code, this the url for my efs.bin

ede mengatakan...

Hi all,

everything worked great until i had to search the efs.

my first mistake was, that i updatet to a newer version. so i installed E220Update_11. again.
After this step i used qmat and it worked fine.

but when i search the nfs for "5364" with "free hex editor neo"
it got no match.
do i make any mistake with searching?

i've upped the efs.bin/rar to rapidshare. please help me.

Thanks for your time!

greetz ede

Sitokkar mengatakan...

@John & @Ede,

I think your efs is a bit buggy.

Repeat the process and post back agian here.


Sitokkar mengatakan...

@John & @Ede

Please see

You need UTPSB002D03SP16C03. Do not forget to check 'force update' when updating. Once you get the version from Huawei website it will much easier to use Qmat to read the EFS.

Btw, I use Cygnus Free Hex Editor as it very easy to use.

ede mengatakan...

hm, its a pitty...

i installed the update "E220Update_11." again, after that I run the update from the huawai page "UTPS11." and stoped after it found the device.
than i used qmat_3.91 and wrote the efs. to read it i uesed cygnus hex editor (much better then neo! thanks). whats my mistake`? damn :)

Anonim mengatakan...

hi all,
I run QMAT 4.06. When trying to Read EFS, it says Please Register. And then QMAT exits. Do I need to register for E169?

ede mengatakan...

if you use the version without registration ists limeted for 10 minute-sessions, so you have to hurry but it is time enough.

greetz, ede

Ekoboy mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Abdel mengatakan...

All what you need is here:

ede mengatakan...

you have to pay to use the unlocker, don't you?

if i get it right the unlocking of one E220 costs 15€.

bloodhound mengatakan...

Does anybody try tu use EFS read/Memory read method on other HUAWEI models on QC 7200 such as e870, e169, e272 etc. I tried to get password but had no result at all. Actually I cannot find 0x1156 NVItem in bin file. How should i act to make it visible when reading EFS or Memory dumping? i managed to read all NAND in Download Mode but could not find any 8 digit code in full NAND backup file. Is there the same algorithm as in E220 modem???

Sonn mengatakan...

Please HELP,

I follow exactly the guide.

use Hex Editor cygnus to find the code but no luck. This is my efs.bin file, I hope some one here can help me.

Originally, efs.bin is 32MB, then i compress it -> 333KB.

My version is
Dashboard : UTPSB002D03SP16C03
QMAT 3.97

Thanks in advance.

juanel mengatakan...

pls. find a way to unlock ZTE MF 626? I really need it badly. thanks

Mohd Radzi mengatakan...

this is newer firmware

Gombalmukiyo mengatakan...

Dear All,

pls help me to find unclock code. I try to open Data.bin inside mobile directory but not found any unlock code. is it right to choose file (data.bin) ?


Jack mengatakan...

Thank you xvrsfrnssks. It works on my E220 Telkomsel Flash (INA).

Anonim mengatakan...

It worked! Unlocked device sold by "One" (Austria, now called "Orange).

For those who have problems: Make sure to do the following steps:

1. Put firmware "E220Update_11." on the device first of all! (I found it here

2. Follow the instructions given here. If the right firmware is on the device, you *will* find the necessary hex-key that reveals the unlock code!

3. If you get a message like "SIM/USIM not found or unavailable" (happened to me), upload firmware from Step 1 again.

These steps worked for me.

Anonim mengatakan...

Sorry, downloadlink is goofed up ... Use instead

Anonim mengatakan...


I have a German E220 from Vodafone. I downloaded the file E220Update_11. from and installed the firmware. However, I looked for all 5364's and there is no 8-digit number. I also searched for all 8 digit numbers and found these two looking most promising: 74166622, 10742815. Could someone please check whether he can find the code in the efs.bin before I try these numbers out?

This is the original firmware efs.bin:

and this is the efs.bin after the firmware update:

Many thanks!

Anonim mengatakan...

Sorry ... can't help here. I would simply try the numbers you found - if one of them is OK, unlocking will work, if not, it will not work but it will also not damage anything. Maybe Vodafone has some extra protection? I can report another successful unlock of a device by T-Mobile Austria. It worked even without changing the firmware first.

Anonim mengatakan...

To my suprise the modem was already unlocked after I installed the new firmware!
I found this article ( which explains that the firmware update does not only increase the speed to 7.2Mbit/s but also unlocks the E220:
"The trick is to go into the E220's software utility and create a new profile. The new profile should change the network selection setting over from automatic to manual." The settings for different broadband provides can be obtained from this address:

Anonim mengatakan...

nice tutorial, but I doesn't work with my modem. I'm already trying different firmware and dumps of the efs for hours, but can't find the key.
Could somebody help me?!

Anonim mengatakan...

just forget my last posting - everything I had to do was to activate my sim card.


Anonim mengatakan...

Err ... could somebody remove the spam above?

Latest firmware:

Megashop mengatakan...

wow thanks .. my e220 is unlocked now! ... go here

Sitokkar mengatakan...

I think you forgot to update the firmware to suggested also don't forget to check force update.

I still can see no change in your efs.


AllBisnez mengatakan...

thank everybody for your information...

i unlocked maxis huawei E220 successfully...

thanks again for this useful help...

Adhi Nugroho mengatakan...

thanks GOD you are the best man! i can unlock my Telkomsel "Flash" Modem e220 and now i can connect to all operator in indonesia (before only telkomsel)

antz mengatakan...

here is the link:

Grześ mengatakan...

Please read my unlock code because i cant find it or i may use another hex editor which is not so easy to see through... :(
Thanks in advance

Spartacus mengatakan...

i can't find the key, can anyone help please (my version is the file is uploaded there

nSamsi mengatakan...

Hi, ... Trims, I hv unlocked from Indosat, although I had to repeated 3x, cause the simcard can't read. Right, ensure the steps given was worked well.

spnk mengatakan...

Hey guys! Thanks for the tutorial! It is really nice and should help, but I still can't find the code in the EFS file...tried it with the and firmware versions and with QMAT 4.22 and 4.23 verions and still nothing...
I don't know why but the extracted EFS file done by QMAT 4.22 is 64 mb in size and the one done by QMAT 4.23 is only 4,5 mb. Anyways here are the for EFS versions I've made.
If somebody could help me find the unlock code I would really appreciate it!
Thanks. Cheers!



Firosz / Ferry mengatakan...

Thanks alot.
It worked.
How simple it is.

Mainon.Kochek mengatakan...

Thanks for the tutorial, I'm going to do it now, and I'll let you know what happen with me :)

Anonim mengatakan...

For those who cannot find the unlock code in the EFS: Simply try if the device is locked at all! I've had quite a few devices on my desk, some were locked, others were not locked at all, but only had a branded software that sometimes wouldn't let you configure any other provider. Seems that devices from Vodafone Germany for example have no sim/netlock, only an annoying software. What I did was simply upload the connection software from Huawei's software *and* the lastest firmware, and that was it. I have here for example a device from O2-Germany that is running with an Austrian SIM-Card although it was not unlocked, since no unlock-code was to be found in the EFS.

SidiHbibi mengatakan...

i cant find 5364 anywhere e220 tim italia
my efs any one can help me

Mainon.Kochek mengatakan...

Mate, I figured out that my device is "e180" the newest one

Please anyone knows how to unlock it? PLZZ!!

Email me I'll be much more appreciated

Thanks :)

makada mengatakan...

Thanks guys
I successfully unlocked my vodafone E220 came for Dailog GSM SriLanka. The unlock code was within the area 0x002dae7-0x002daef0

Dennis mengatakan...

i'm encounterning problem when reading efs on my huawei e226. it says EFS not supported by phone. please help.

edwards mengatakan...

I own a Huawei e220 from vodafone germany. I tried may times to get my unlock code. I rewrote the firmware at least 4 times, check the Force option, dumped the hex but every time I look on the file, I cant find any 53 64 or Sd. I`m tired of trying, any suggestions will be appreciated.


Anonim mengatakan...

@edwards: Yes I have a suggestion. As I wrote above, devices sold by Vodafone Germany simply DO NOT HAVE A SIMLOCK! So you won't find the unlock code, because there is nothing to unlock. Simply put in a foreign USIM and you will see that it works. What you should do nevertheless is get rid of the Vodafone software, but that's really easy.

edwards mengatakan...

iamx, you are right. I found that. Thanks.

sonjaj1962 mengatakan...

Can you please help me i am not too good with these sort of things and i am trying to unlock my Huawei E220 which is on T mobile at present. I have downloaded the Qmat but it does not give me the communications tab option am i being dumb here but i cannot fathom it out please help someone.

Many thanks Sonja x

sonjaj1962 mengatakan...

Please can you help me i cant even see the communications tab on Qmat what do i do i have never used anything like this before so working blind sorry to seem dumb!!

Marco mengatakan...

Hi, here you can download the EFS dump of an unlocked E160G (before.bin) and after the unlock (paying for it) after.bin.

Any genius can find where the code is in before.bin? Software shows me that unlock code was "39698915"

Maybe we can unlock E160G for free! We have just to know how the code was encoded in before.bin (it's not plain like in E220)!

Many Thanks for helping!

Christian mengatakan...

hi folks,
i'm playing with unlock for 4hrs now and just can't get it done.
I managed to read the efs (a challenge itself) as I followed the steps wit version 3.99
though I don't seem able to find hex 53 64, so i uploaded my efs.bin here:

plz help! tnx

Christian mengatakan...

hi folks,
i've been playing with this unlock for 4 hrs now. can't get it working. I followed the steps, just managed to read the efs with prog version 3.99. now I uploaded my hash for you to verify, I can't find hex 53 64

it's getting me tired, but my brother needs a modem, because he sold his to a relative
plz help! tnx

Sitokkar mengatakan...

@ Spartacus : Still you missing the step. Please read all over and re submit your efs.bin

Sitokkar mengatakan...

@Christian : Pls use generic firmware from Huawei website. Once you get the proper version you will be easy to view the efs

ammo12 mengatakan...

Worked fine on E220/T-Mobile Austria (Firmware changed to

BigThx to you!!

PS: Firmware is linked to, not!

juanel mengatakan...

Does not work for me using Sun Broadband Wireless in the Philippines. I have followed everything to the letter and is successful in deciphering my unlock code but when it comes to entering my unlock code in the E220 SIM Lock Unlock software, it says: DATA CARD NOT FOUND! eventhough i correctly entered the correct unlock code.

what's the deal with this?

mikomfromaustria mengatakan...

It was working great. I have unlocked my one huawei E220 from Austria in few minutes. The 8-digits unlock number was listed at two lines near the shown signs "sd".
Thanks a lot.

Anggun Firdaus mengatakan...

nice tutorial..but i didn't successfully to unlock my huawei e220 maxis broadband.when i click read efs then let's go,,QMAT hangup,,appear check solusion box..i use windows vista ultimate..any idea ??


Francis Michael mengatakan...

Thanks a lot...It works to my Huawei E220 from Sun Cellular...

Thanks a lot...

Anggun Firdaus mengatakan...

i have succesfully unlock my modem..i followed instruction,,when i read bin file with hex editor,, i did'nt find 5364 2C00 hex string,, but i find 5364 2000..but,,i tried replace this..and it's work perfect..thx for this blog

Sim Sim mengatakan...

hey….i cannot unlock it because i cannot find the 53 64 2c 00….what can i do??
can u give me the solution?? /

hope to hear from u soon…

pupuzyanji mengatakan...

Hi guys,

Is there a link between the firmware version ( e.g. and the Hex String ( 53 64 2C 00)?

I have an E156G by Three UK which requires an unlock code.
Firmware Version : 11.608.03.00.156
IMEI : 358181025033107

I have searched for the Hex String 5364... (also Sd,) but theres is no such string in the efs.bin ( .
I think its a good challenge.
Anybody help??

Mohd Radzi mengatakan...

this is latest firmware and dashboard for huawei e220.the firmware is and link

ARSENIC mengatakan...

if u can't find the HEX 53 64 2C 00, u might want to switch the "Serial COM Port" into "3G Application Interface" instead of "3G PC UI Interface" and then re-read the EFS once again.
it works on my E220

ndminus mengatakan...

hi, after unlock my modem (maxis, malaysia) what should i do so that i could dial other network telco?

El Shadai / El Roi / Shekinah Glory mengatakan...

Thanks for info.
What about for Mac OS X Tiger files to download???
Thanks a million bro!


Dave Bernard

sunwordelite mengatakan...

I follow exactly the guide inside this tutorial.

I just want to know what exactly Hex Editor are u using, because i use Hex Editor Neo, and XVI32 to find the 5364 but no luck. This is my efs.bin file, maybe u can help me?

Originally, efs.bin is 32MB, then i compress it -> 172KB. efs.rar

please mail me in advance

wahini mengatakan...

Somebody help please!!! I've been trying to find the unlock code for my Globe E220 modem but I couldn't find hex 53-64-2C-00. I've already upgraded to the latest firmware

Can someone pls help me find the unlock code? here's the file:

wahini mengatakan...

somebody help please!!! i can't find the unlock code from my file. could somebody please tell me what's the unlock code for my Globe E220 modem? The file can be downloaded here:

Puteh Linux mengatakan...

i from malaysia ...
i try to follow the step tu unlock but i have failer result...
now my modem canot used already becouse the driver has been delate...

any idea tu get back the old firmware?

plz help me..
email to me or yahoo messengger...

Clinton mengatakan...

I loaded firmware E220Update_11. Did everything as suggested but can not find 53 64 2C 00. There is not even 53 64.

Any suggestions please?

~yana~ mengatakan...
Komentar ini telah dihapus oleh pengarang.
Zichron Binyomin Administrator mengatakan...


i have bought a vodaphone K3565, which was allegedly unlocked.
on some PC it discovers the dongle, on some PC not at all.
Also where he recognizes the dongle, i can get the VCM light running, and even get the network (BASE Belgium) on it, but i cannot connect or do anything with it.
I guess if it recognizes the "foreign" network with the non-vodaphone SIM, the dongle is indeed unlocked.
But i cannot get anything running.
do i need to install the original firmware or what?
Pls help also how to uninstall the VCM Iite needed) and to install then a new software.

i have installed the DC-unlock software on my PC, but he cannot discover the device on the PC, no idea why not...?

pupuzyanji mengatakan...

If the vodaphone K3565 is unlocked, then you just need to change the Dashboard software and put back the Original Huawei Mobile Partner.

Uninstall the Vodafone software from your computer, plug in your modem and run the Dashboard update.if using Win Xp/Vista etc, this should work

This replaces the VCM stuff. Run new software and be sure to cofigure APN correctly for the operator you will be using.

All the best!

Anonim mengatakan...

Thanks a lot, still works like a charm with T_Mobile Austria!

cozack mengatakan...

hi everyone

need help here. already search using hex editor for unlock code but no luck.

already upgrade my firmware to

this is my efs, can anyone try to check it out?

i'm using Celcom Malaysia rite now

thanks in advance

- cozack
email me at

Heru mengatakan...

Hi there,

I have problem since not clearly following your information. Now my modem cannot detected since I run the first program but I do not cancel it. Could you please suggest me how to fix it ?

DoubleDee mengatakan...

Here is the link to the right firmware, like it was postet first. (Use the first Download-link!!!)

If it doesnt work, search in google for the right...

I serched for hours, tryed everything, but then with the right firmware it was so easy... (E220, "3 Austria")

Thanks for the thread...



pupuzyanji mengatakan...

COZAK - There seems to be a problem with your bin file. I have seem a lot of dump and null values in there. Try getting another

Heru - Is your modem an E220?

Mario mengatakan...

Thank you for helping me unlock an Huawei E220.
I've just bought a Huawei k3520 thinking that it is free, but is not.
Can somebody help me unlock it ?
I tried the same method that I used with the E220, I have the efs.bin, but no sign of the unlock code. Am I missing something, or it isn't possible ?
Thank you in advance,

Mario mengatakan...

Thank you for helping me unlock a E220.
Now I bought a k3520 - locked.
Can somebody help me to unlock it ?
I tried to do it the same way as with the E220, but no succes.
Am I do it wrong or it is not possible by the same method ?
Thank yoiu very much in advance,

Markus mengatakan...

I bought a full unlocked and 7.2 Mbps upgrated from, works great for really little money, incl. great support, so I would support !

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

hari ini unlock modem huawei gratis dengan imei

penawaran hanya berlaku sampai 5 nov 09 - jam 23:59 (gmt+7)

Leonardo Jauhari mengatakan...

Bro,can u help me?
I already try to unlock my usb modem huawei E169...
But I can't unlock it...could u help me....I really thanks if u could help me....
my Imei is 359638010445702....please help me...

Thanks for u help

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

Bro Leonardo Jauhari,

unlock code-nya : 37898719

Jack mengatakan...

Please help me with the unlock code for Huawei E1762

IMEI No: 351553032562855
SN: gs5tab1992703768


xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...


huawei e1762
imei : 351553032562855
unlock code : 38463320

vince mengatakan...

@xvrsfrnssks Tolooong...saya punya modem telkomsel flash huawei E169, dan sudah coba cara2 di atas...sampai mencari 53 64 2C 00, ga ketemu..

IMEI : 352835032650908

Thx bro...I almost give up...

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

huawei e169
imei : 352835032650908
unlock code : 35738474

vince mengatakan...

@xvrsfrnssks : hey thanks bro..

saya baru coba unlock codenya, dan berhasil..tinggal setting jaringan providernya aja...hebat bro..pake program kalkulator ya??

anyway, you are the man..

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

for those recently request unlocking huawei by imei, please re-post your request in 'huawei unlocking by imei' section. some of the post has been mistakenly deleted. sorry.

pupuzyanji mengatakan...

Xvrsfrnssks, Please help with unlock code for
Model: Huawei E169
IMEI: 359638018685168
SN: D45TBB1891709495

Thanks in advance.

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

huawei e169
imei : 359638018685168
unlock code : 47139072

ClaraBela mengatakan...

Please help with unlock code for

Model: Huawei K3765

IMEI: 353054031330467

Thanks you! :)

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

huawei k3765
imei: 353054031330467
unlock code: 43760796

Lokamaya mengatakan...

Software E220 Unlock dengan mudah dapat ditemukan di sini:


kago95 mengatakan...

i have the efs file but i am searching i i still dont see the code

and about my info

Found modem : E169
Model : Huawei E169/E169G
IMEI : 352835031464061
Firmware : 11.315.05.00.00

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

huawei e169
imei : 352835031464061
unlock code : 66040239

Drugus mengatakan...

Please help with unlock code for
Model: Huawei E160E
IMEI: 355856023132372
SN: DY7NAA18C1901263

xvrsfrnssks mengatakan...

huawei e160
imei : 355856023132372
unlock code : 67104835

Drugus mengatakan...


Ismail mengatakan...

Please help with unlock code for

Model: Huawei E156G

IMEI: 358181024467041

Thanks you! :)

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